Monthly Archives: February 2014

A message from the Idaho Writers Guild President

Dear IWG Members,

As we pass the halfway mark in our Early Bird registration period for the Idaho Writers and Readers Rendezvous, it’s great to see so many of our members signing up for our third annual writers’ conference. As board members, it’s very gratifying that our efforts to provide area writers with opportunities to improve their craft are working.

I also would like to ask each of you to share this e-mail with your writing friends and acquaintances around the country, and encourage them to do the same. The IWG is now over 200 strong, and it doesn’t take a math genius to see how this would expand the reach of our marketing efforts for the conference. An effort like that from our membership would go a long way toward achieving our long-term goal of making the Rendezvous a major regional writers’ conference. And that, in turn, will enable us to bring in even more high-profile authors, agents and publishing experts who can help us all reach our personal writing goals.

A note from a friend carries a lot more punch than another e-blast in someone’s inbox, so please include a personal note to let your friends know what a great weekend we have in store for them if they come, and that they can find out all the details on our website,, by simply clicking on Rendezvous.

Thanks very much for your help in this effort, and for your continued support of the IWG. We’ll see you in May!

Doug Copsey, President

Board of Directors